Alexa Chunged

New York, New York

Happy Tuesday y'all! We just got back from a little getaway in Miami (follow our daily adventure here) and I'm all kinds of sunkissed and relaxed. All of these good vibes of course are just in time for midterms! Life's funny sometimes isn't it.  I have so many #OOTDs stocked up from our travels this summer that you might be seeing some New York and Ireland posts for a good little while after they actually took place. My OCD is not pleased with this nonlinear narrative, but hopefully you guys do not suffer from the same neurosis, and will enjoy our adventures no matter the order in which they are presented. Wow I'm boring and technical today. These particular photos were taken on our way to dinner during our trip to NY for fashion week. I'm a big fan of Alexa Chung's collaboration with AG Jeans, so much so that not only did I turn her name into an action verb, but I also stocked up on the collab while we were at Fred Segal in LA (which you will also be seeing a post from soon). Mama likes herself some 70s denim and corduroy vibes for fall. Here's to all the autumns #OOTDs ahead of us, and to making this zen last as long as possible. Have a fantastic week my little chickens!

Channeling my inner Felicity Shagwell

AG by Alexa Chung denim jumpsuit, Louis-Vuitton "Petite Malle", Cartier bracelets, and Balenciaga boots.