My name is Claude-Alicia and I have a guilty conscience. Many may believe me to be spoiled, and I cannot argue the fact that I have been blessed with the ability to realize many fantasies of mine, by purchasing items that can only be qualified as fashion porn. Though it may be a truth, this reality is often correlated with ungratefulness and frivolous spending without consequence, which I can confidently say, is not the case. The thrill of the purchase only lasts for about the time it takes me to walk out of the store when the guilt hits me like a tracer missile. The realization that this outrageous purchase was not only unnecessary, but the parallels between the amount of money spent, and the numerous ways it could have been used on things that are vitally beneficial to another haunt me. It is inevitable, and like a virus there is no way to cure it permanently, you can only stop the outbreak by reasoning with oneself, making excuses like, “I deserved it” or “it had been a long time”, confession to the benefactors, or if all else fails and the damage is simply too great, returning. This being said, the number of times when the first two methods prevailed have gotten me a pretty impressive collection of beloved pieces I will never, under any circumstances, part with.

Though sometimes a random occurrence, most of my quantitative purchases are the product of a vision I have for a location I am to travel to in the near future. In simpler terms, I treat every vacation as I would a fashion show. I cannot help but think of every trip or getaway like my own personal spring/summer or fall/winter lookbook. There must be cohesion between pieces, accessories and styling, and an all around vibe that encompasses the theme and setting of my very own collection. Every detail must be perfectly calculated, brands must cohabitate in harmony, and if they differ, must compliment each other in what some may consider an overly “matchy matchy” manner. I guess my perfectionist Virgo nature is to blame, or as I like to refer to it my ” psychotic OCD” (another of my numerous personal insanities). Though I have sometimes wondered if I could one day actually create a collection to call my own, this same perfectionist nature brings along a parade of stress and list of reasons why this is impossible that quickly shut down the romanticized notion completely. But hey, maybe one day…who knows.

I am insane? Not quite. A shopaholic? Maybe a little… All that’s for sure is I have a love for luxurious things, and I intend on sharing my lust for the exquisite here. Though I have managed to ramble on about myself and my shopping habits to intro my page, I hope I have not bored you to tears and you are still with me. Perhaps some of you will even relate to my love and obsessions, and I can entertain you by sharing my

“Conscience Coupable”…

Claude-Alicia is the creator of the Montreal, Canada based fashion lifestyle blog, ConscienceCoupable.