Balmain for H&M

Montreal, Canada

Happy Balmain day everyone! I hope none of you suffered frostbite after a long night on the streets waiting in line for this collection, but if you did, it better have been worth the wait and you now own every item on your wish list. Primal instincts really kick in when fighting over an embellished blazer, let me tell ya'...but let's remember, owning a garment is not worth the assault charges that can follow Balmain induced cat fights and hair pulling. I was so grateful to have the chance to shop the annual collaboration early again this year, as I started coveting this collection as soon as it was announced! Olivier has really brought the Balmain brand forth for a whole new generation, not only with this collaboration, but with the #BalmainNation movement he brilliantly spearheaded over the past year. Well there's that, and the fact he makes the most badass embellished garments a girl could ever dream of wearing. Unfortunately even with all the odds in my favour I wasn't able to get my hands on the velvet blazer and dress I obsessed about when the collection was released. As you can see my heartbreak was short lived, and I came out of the event with a smile, and far from empty handed. From a classic double breasted cream blazer to Beetlejuice inspired matching separates to the now iconic green sequin "Kendall" dress, I am so happy to add pieces of H&M collab history to my little collection. That being said, let's remember to be kind to one another, even in these competitive shopping environments, and know that no matter how beautiful the piece may be, it's only clothing.... really fucking cool clothing.

Balmain'd Out

Balmain x H&M dress and shoes, Balmain earrings, and Cartier bracelets