Cardboard Living

2015-01-11 at 17-58-34Walt Disney World, Florida,

Hey friends. This week has been rather hectic hasn't it?...Well for us anyways. We are currently moving back into our home after our upstair neighbour's toilet had a fit, cried a river, and in turn destroyed our beautiful home. That's right folks, water damage. Oh, and did I mention this happened in July? Certainly took a long time for our insurance company to get their shit together. Fuck listening to me bitching and moaning.  Glass half full version is we now have a beautiful new renovated condo to live in, so theres that. As you can imagine the whole cardboard box lifestyle has kept us pretty busy. It's always been a bit of a mystery to me how I fit my abundance of clothing and accessories in my teenie tiny walk in. I am a hoarder that continues to consume after all. Yesterday was a huge fucking wake up call...I have WAY too much shit. This meant parting with some pieces, which for me is a similar to a form of medieval torture. Anyways, after I dunno...12 hours of figuring out what stays and what goes, I decided to send some of my babies away to the archives. As you can imagine this sight was similar to the scene from Game of Thrones where Cersei Lannister watches as her dear Myrcella sails away to the far away land that is Dorne, feeling equal parts of anguish and rage. Anyways, it's good for me. I'm kinda disgusted by how many material possessions I have. I got to get on that Shailene Woodley lifestyle, but you know...continue to use deodorant and what not. As for the images before you, they are my last #OOTD from our wonderful trip in Disney World a few weeks back. Enjoy, and have a lovely lovers weekend my lovelies.2015-01-11 at 18-01-112015-01-11 at 17-58-502015-01-11 at 17-59-142015-01-11 at 18-00-012015-01-11 at 18-01-302015-01-11 at 17-59-372015-01-11 at 17-58-552015-01-11 at 18-02-202015-01-11 at 18-00-242015-01-11 at 18-00-57I'm a mouse ear wearin', Sam Smith Lovin', Cersei actin' kinda lady

Disney Minnie Mouse ears, Rodarte tee (similar), NICHOLAS striped skirt, Chanel fanny pack, and Saint-Laurent Blake Derby Plateau shoes.