Child's Play

2014-04-12 at 19-34-04Montreal

As some of you may already know, I am getting married in about a month, and like any typical vain, narcissistic, self-involved, woman of my generation, I wanna look prettay and supa' skinnay on the most important day of my life. This takes me to the worst week of my entire existence, the day where my nutritionist (yes i have a nutritionist for wedding body prep, bugger off) uttered the words "we are going to start you on a week long cleanse." You never really realize how limited your social life and hobbies become when you remove food and alcohol from the equation, seriously think about it. Restaurant, that's obviously out! Drinks with friends, forget about it. Then we move on to the fun 6th grade b-day party activities like mini-putting, mug painting, and laser quest, but really, what 20 something underfed woman is in the fucking mood to paint a goddamn mug. Not me! We went to see 4 movies that week. FOUR FUCKING MOVIES! All this to explain that the reason I look like Chuckie at his most demonic is because, in fact this is me in my deepest darkest "fuck off" phase. Hunger grumps are a serious understatement.2014-04-12 at 19-29-482014-04-12 at 19-24-522014-04-12 at 19-27-152014-04-12 at 19-31-132014-04-12 at 19-33-462014-04-12 at 19-29-222014-04-12 at 19-33-432014-04-12 at 19-26-112014-04-12 at 19-33-202014-04-12 at 19-31-402014-04-12 at 19-29-312014-04-12 at 19-32-442014-04-12 at 19-25-02Hell Hath No Fury Like a Starving Woman

Zara coat, T by Alexander Wang top, One Teaspoon overalls, Alexander Wang rainbow Rocco, Chanel boots.