Coachella Day 1

2015-04-17 at 18-48-49Indio, California

How has a week already gone by since the magical day we drove down to the desert to live our first Coachella? Time is kinda flying past me.  After going to coffee at Alfred on Melrose in LA and chatting with 2 of my favourite bloggers, Kristina Bazan and Chriselle Lim we finally left for Indio. It was almost 3 when we arrived and having not eaten all day, we were behind schedule and fucking starving. Peter, went on a heroes mission to In-N-Out, while I anxiously tried to get ready. We had missed a couple of acts we wanted to see already, so I felt rushed to get my ass to the Empire Polo Club. Getting my shit together and trying to look presentable when stressed is literally hell for me. I lose my shit, pull my hair out, and sometimes cry --Not great under pressure of my own doing-. Anyway, consequences of this presented themselves as me piling on too much makeup, hating all the outfits I had packed because they looked bad with the ton of face paint I was wearing, and devouring tons of  In-N-Out in a manner that would have made my cavemen ancestors proud. After that I was bloated as fuck and looked like a shiny Jaja Gabor, so I was in a real shit mood. Didn't mater. I wasn't going to miss Alabama Shakes, so I put on a pair of sunnies to hide the mountains of eyeshadow on my eyelids and found the largest thing I had packed to hide the food pregnancy. This is probably the moodiest and sweatiest shoot we have ever done, all while our elderly neighbour from the balcony next door looked on and listened to my curse word soundtrack while painting her toe nails and chain smoking. Oh the glamour. We finally made it to Coachella and was magic.2015-04-17 at 18-53-322015-04-17 at 18-47-302015-04-17 at 18-49-532015-04-17 at 18-46-542015-04-17 at 18-49-392015-04-17 at 18-51-262015-04-17 at 18-48-542015-04-17 at 18-51-592015-04-17 at 21-47-102015-04-17 at 21-48-062015-04-17 at 22-09-462015-04-17 at 22-26-002015-04-17 at 21-50-222015-04-17 at 21-58-262015-04-17 at 22-34-392015-04-17 at 18-47-51What to wear after eating 2 In-N-Out Burgers + fries

Rock N Rose crown, Ray Ban Clubmasters and Vintage Cartier Sunglasses, Nasty Gal necklace (similar) and rings (similar), Blue Barcelona dress, Chanel bag, and Chie Mihara sandals.