2014-06-05 at 05-16-11Santorini, Greece

Midway through our trip in beautiful Santorini, Peter and I decided to take a little roadtrip around the island. The weather hadn't been very kind to us and the beautiful tan I had worked so very hard on for our wedding, had officially gone MIA. I was see-through. Mix that up with some uncontrollable "top down" winded hair and this is what you get. A Sebastian Bach look-a-like. A total hot mess...but not so hot, kinda pale, and kinda pissed about it.2014-06-05 at 05-35-092014-06-05 at 05-38-292014-06-05 at 05-18-122014-06-05 at 05-34-462014-06-05 at 05-38-082014-06-05 at 05-18-462014-06-05 at 05-15-562014-06-05 at 05-19-072014-06-05 at 05-37-272014-06-05 at 05-39-012014-06-05 at 05-16-34Man I feel like a woman

Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses (similar), Unif crochet top, Nadia Safti shorts, Jacquie Aiche  BODY CHAIN, Aurelie Bidermann rose and feather bangle, ELA RAE HAND CHAIN, TAI MULTI STRAND, Nordstrom and Cartier bracelets and watch, Nike fuelband, and Chanel bag and shoes.