Disneyland Food Guide

Disneyland Resort, California

Disneyland...The most magical place on earth, the OG of all Disney theme parks, the kingdom my buddy Walt dreamed into reality. I'm not usually big on cheesiness, but this place gives me all kinds of feels, plus the owner's a mouse, so I guess cheese is pretty appropriate...*ba dum tsh*! Walking into the gates and experiencing the original Main Street USA, knowing not only that Walt Disney had a hand in creating and perfecting everything in sight, but he strolled down this very street in his bathrobe before park opening, enjoying his coffee. Disneyland wasn't only his pride and joy, it was his home. That kids, for a Disney geek like me, is so very special.

Being that Disneyland is on the West Coast, we don't get to visit Sleeping Beauty's castle as much as I'd like (which would be everyday), so when we're in her neck of the woods, we don't skip a ride, a parade, but most of all, a meal. We never miss the opportunity to eat something we don't have back "home" in Walt Disney World, and neither should you! This is why we created another comprehensive guide, to the best way to get your bloat on in Mickey's primary residence. I think Florida is probably more of a vacation home for him, don't you think? Disneyland Park also turned 60 years young recently, so it's a great time to come see all the special celebrations that have been put into place to commemorate the magical occasion...let me tell you, old gal looks good for her age.

Please share where you love to eat, by sending us an emailwith your favourite spots! We'll try and check them out the next time we're in your hood!


Not unlike Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort consists of more than one theme park, two to be exact. The first, and most iconic by a landslide would of course be Disneyland itself. This is where you can spot Sleeping Beauty's Castle, ride Pirates of Caribbean, and visit all those nostalgia filled lands you dreamed of as a toddler...or I did anyway. The food is also in the same realm. All the "classic" snacks, we went over in our WDW food guide, originated in this very park. From Churros, to Mickey Premium Bars, and Turkey Legs, this place has got you covered.  That being said there are also a couple of jems, that only live in this magical kingdom, and are definitely worth the trip over. Let's get to the food shall we...

Best Sugar High Before Noon

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café (Disneyland Park -$$) - This guy is a bit of a new hangout for us in the AM as we used to be Starbucks people, but the pastries and creative goodies here, made it worth the switch. They have every food group you would ever need, from white sugar...to brown sugar...to refined sugar, and the diabetes comes free! All jokes aside all the baked goods are delicious, and if like me, you like your breakfast more on the sweet side, or just sweets in general, this place will resonate with you. They do have savoury options, but who's really looking at that, when I can have a macaroon shaped like the Matterhorn you know?

The husband always tells me to make sure my meals colourful, so I opted for brown, beige, and white! Three colours is good right?

Chocolate Brownie - Why have a brown square, when your brownie could look like that...

Flourless Chocolate Cake maybe? I dunno it sounded healthy so I stopped paying attention.

Matterhorn Macaroon - Kinda like having your cake and eating it too!..You know, because you can enjoy the view of the mama Matterhorn while eating your baby Matterhorn... 

Best Atmosphere

Blue Bayou(Disneyland Park -$$$$) - "Throw me a roll"...these are the infamous words you will hear time and time again if you sit at a table near the water at Blue Bayou. You see, the restaurant is located in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where boats float by throughout your fancy dinner, and sometimes the passengers can get a little hungry. Believe it or not some dinners comply, which makes for some pretty happy ride goers. The atmosphere and decor of Blue Bayou is probably the most beautiful and  immersive in all of Disneyland. Channeling New Orleans vibes with overhead strings of colorful balloon lanterns, which are essential as no matter the time of day, every meal takes place in perpetual twilight in this bayou adjacent eatery. Also crickets chirp, frogs croak and fireflies wink...sounds weird, but trust me, it creates a sexy swamp vibe. Nothing like bug noises to get the appetite going. All kidding aside, it's all kinds of charming, and the creole food is stupid yummy. I'll stop now, because I'm pretty sure I had you at bug noises and bread rolls didn't I?

Royal Street Seafood Jambalaya- Hers

Herb-crusted Rack of Lamb - His

Crème Brûlée - Hers again...

Strawberry Rhubarb Gallette - Still for me...

Meyer Lemon Crème Brûlée Tart - Yup mine too...I have a problem.

Best Second Dinner

Little Red Wagon(Disneyland Park -$) - Now this is an iconic little stand. The lines are long, and these glorified Pogos are worth the wait. We always make sure to grab at least one each time were travel to Disneyland, even if it means stuffing one down on our last night, post dinner binge sesh. For classic Disney food, making space is necessary. You'll never have a corndog quite as perfect as this one. Man I'm hungry now...

Top right corner of Main Street, you can't miss it. Seriously, it'll be the one with the kilometre long line. 

In a perfect world, everything would come with a side of chips...

California Adventure

California Adventure park is one of a kind. No, but like literally though, there's only one in the world and it's right across the way from Disneyland. It happens to be one of our favourite hangouts when visiting Mickey's homeland, not only for the thrill rides like Tower of Terror and California Screaming, the desert landscape of Cars Land, and mind blowing nighttime spectaculars like The World of Colour,  but we actually do most of our eating (and day drinking) here! Because of the close proximity to Disneyland park, we tend to cross over for a bit of an intermission, and enjoy some adult beverages...and trust me, there's nothing like sitting out on a terrace on a hot Disney day!

Best Day Drinking...or Night Drinking Really

Cove Bar(California Adventure -$$$) - This place is the best, and it everyone knows it. I'm talking a constant 30 minute wait from 11:00 AM to park close. Because Disneyland is a dry park, the notion of a watering hole overlooking Paradise Bay, with tropical drinks in tow, just across the way is probably what makes this place so enticing. Well, it's enough for me to keep coming back anyway! Besides a secret menu of themed dranks, and delicious bar bites, are what make Disney the kind of place any grown up can enjoy. Did I just call myself a grown up...ew.

The gates to day drank heaven.

Margaritas are perfect for sweaty days. 

The most magical place in all of Disneyland resort.

The Fun Wheel - Looks like windex and taste delicious.

Best for Wining and Dining

Wine Country Trattoria(California Adventure -$$$) - Before the Cove Bar we used to make our way here for almost if not every lunch. The Wine Country Trattoria, channels Napa Valley’s passion for wine and fresh seasonal fare while dining alfresco on their mediterranean terrace. After we ran our Disneyland Half Marathon last year we walked over, ordered a bottle of wine, ate some pasta and had ourselves a merry day. They also play a constant loop of ridiculously relaxing string music, that will make you feel super sophisticated, and make you shimmy your shoulders to the beat uncontrollably...or is that just me?

Nothing like some antipasti in fake wine country. 

Did someone forget this was a WINE based establishment? What can I say some days are just made for margaritas you know?

Fritto Misto - Because I will literally eat anything deep fried...

Rustic Bruschetta - or anything on bread for that matter... 

Best in all the Land

Cathay Circle(California Adventure -$$$$) - This is where you come to revisit Hollywood's golden age, and have a fancy and delicious meal. The restaurant is located in a detailed reproduction of the iconic Carthay Circle Theatre, where Walt's first full length animated motion picture, Snow White, first premiered in 1937. The downstairs lounge is great to sit down for a bite, or experience their impressive cocktail and wine list, while the restaurant upstairs showcases seasonal dishes that always make for a fun surprise everytime we visit. Because of Carthay's alternating menu,  I always negotiate with Peter to try and order everything I'd want to taste as it may not be there the next time we visit. Yes, this makes for an intense food baby for the rest of the night, but those binge eating memories will last a lifetime!

Scotch Flight - Flights are a Disney must do!

Carthay Signature Fried Biscuits - They're stuffed with White Cheddar, Bacon, and Jalapeños, so you can call them crack for short.

Braised Lamb Cavatelli - Because carbs are my friend.

Grilled Angus Beef Barbacoa - Because Peter always needs to get the meatiest thing on the menu.

Chocolate Cookies n' Cream Cake - Some people like chocolate, some like vanilla, but to answer Craig David's age old question, my "flava" is cookies and cream. 

Best Place to Tell the Diet to Suck it

Clarabelle's Ice Cream(California Adventure -$$) - This place gives the phrase everything but the kitchen sink, a whole new meaning. At Clarabelle's you can grab a classic cone, customize you own ice cream bar, or my personal favourite dairy porn, the kitchen sink. One scoop of vanilla, one scoop chocolate ice cream with hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate chips, cherry, waffle cup, and a chocolate dipped banana...are you salivating yet?  You can mix and match your sundae, and fill you sink with all your favourite flavours. Peter does recommend that you don't attempt to finish it on your own, as he might have, and...let's just say it was a bit excessive.


Clarabelle is a Cow btw...just putting the pieces together for you...

The Oswald Sundae - Down to get in these pants...

$$$ Legend   $-Donald cheap  $$-Pluto raisonnable  $$$-Getting Goofy after this bill  $$$$- Mickey now has all my money

Disneyland, Eatscaguerin