Welcome to Eats


Let me preface this by telling you, I can't cook for shit, but man do I know how to eat. For me, food is happiness. It can cause anticipation on a boring day, and comfort my spirit when I'm feeling blue. Sweet, to savoury, gourmet, to fast food I have a deep appreciation for all kinds. I grew up a picky chicken nugget eater, with a patient mother, but now I am grown. Thanks to my husband's unbelievable cooking skills, and curious pallet, I have devoured foods I swore I would never touch, and developed a taste for flavours of all kinds. We have traveled the world, with food degustation as our main motivator, and experienced cultures through taste as much as venturing. Food plays an integral part of all our adventures, as it is a trip itself. Now, you know how much we enjoy sharing our exploits with all of you, food therefore, should be no different.

If you have been reading CC from its conception, you know it was created and named after the tireless guilt I experience when acquiring a material item that brings me great happiness. I always thought that sharing them with all of you would give them a greater purpose, a chance to inspire others the way they did me. Well, turns out my conscience feels just as bad about binge eating, as it does about investing in shoes, so why not share that too.

Conscience Coupable "Eats" is a place you will hate, as it will make you hungry, but I'm hungry all the time, and I turned out ok, so I'm not too worried for you folks. From city food guides, to recipes, to trying out iconic and new restaurants, it's all going up, to be shared with all of you! Hopefully, you can find something that creates joy, anticipation, or even inspiration from the shenanigans we post, and I can continue to work towards getting rid of that pesky guilt. Until then, I must go eat the most important meal of the day...pie is an acceptable breakfast food right?