2014-07-31 at 18-58-52Montreal, Canada

It's already been a whole month since festival season has come and gone in Montreal. To kick off my favourite time of year, I had the chance to attend the H&M <3 Music event at well...H&M. It was an incredible evening celebrating all things fashion and song, with HAIM playing their favourite tracks all evening long, as I shopped for #OOTD worthy looks for the Osheaga weekend ahead. I even bumped into my favourite Canadian bloggers and new gal pals Cailli and Sam Beckerman. The party gained epic status,  when I finally saw the Grumman 78 taco stand in the back of the store...HALLELUJAH! Heaven is totally a place on earth, it's called H&M.2014-07-31 at 18-59-222014-07-31 at 19-00-512014-07-31 at 19-00-342014-07-31 at 19-02-012014-07-31 at 19-03-402014-07-31 at 18-59-002014-07-31 at 19-00-372014-07-31 at 18-59-392014-07-31 at 19-03-512014-07-31 at 19-03-012014-07-31 at 18-55-532014-07-31 at 19-57-172014-07-31 at 20-11-092014-07-31 at 20-30-302014-07-31 at 20-14-362014-07-31 at 20-32-382014-07-31 at 20-14-422014-07-31 at 19-43-38More from my favourite Wang collection

Alexander Wang sweater and Emile tote (similar), American Retro leather shorts, Fendi fur monster, Low Luv ring, bracelets and watch by Cartier, Hermes, David Yurman, and Chanel, and Miu Miu shoes.