I'm Lovin' It

2015-01-09 at 17-45-33Walt Disney World, Florida

Hey boys and girls, I'm back, in better spirits then ever! The weather, I swear it fucks with your mind sometimes. All that depression talk was such a downer right? I blame the snow, and the slush, and the fucking sub zero Narnia temperature *insert angry red emoticon*...enough about that. There is one positive about this whole city frozen over scenario, and that is the cold my friends. You see similarly to a hibernating mammal, I need some thermal insulation for the tough season we are experiencing. This means I have a motive, an excuse, and completely feasible explanation for eating all the crap I want. Not only is it comforting during this cruel winter, but guess what...that extra layer is keeping me warm. IT HAS PURPOSE! So fuck bikini season, I'm suiting up for parka season, and damn does it ever taste good...Oh ya, and these pictures were taken a couple weeks ago while we were in Disney World to run a marathon. There! Another reason why I deserve all the McDonalds my little heart desires. Parapapapa...   2015-01-09 at 17-44-472015-01-09 at 17-41-422015-01-09 at 17-40-172015-01-09 at 17-41-032015-01-09 at 17-42-01 (1)2015-01-09 at 17-41-312015-01-09 at 17-42-402015-01-09 at 17-44-142015-01-09 at 17-45-042015-01-09 at 17-43-062015-01-09 at 17-40-59"Get in my bellay" - Fat Bastard

Dior earrings, Disney Minnie Mouse denim jacket, Moschino tee (similar), Chanel fanny pack, Cartier bracelets and watch, Nasty Gal maxi skirt (similar), and Gucci flippy floppies (similar).