Indecision Will Be the Death of me

2015-01-21 at 09-06-19Miami, Florida

I think I may be experiencing an early quarter life crisis, because man is 2015 miserable thus far. Ok, misery is a strong term, but all the indecision, monumental life choices, and "growing up" activities associated with them are completely killing my vibe. It's been a hard couple of weeks for both my husband and I, and I haven't had the motivation to post much. I felt as though I had nothing to say to all you lovely people, so this is what you get, an introspective rant from a girl that has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choices. The uncertainty surely is anxiety producing, and though I should feel blessed that I have options, my vocabulary has been mostly reduced to three word sentences...starting with fuck."Fuck my life," "fuck this shit," you get the idea. I can finally relate to the 2000s anthem that was Britney Spears' "Lucky." Kay, not really, but any chance I have to reference that jam, I will take. Anyway moral of the story kids is, be happy to be awarded the privilege that are choices, many do not have the same luxury. And hey, who knows, if you make enough bad ones you just may learn a thing or two.2015-01-04 at 18-31-102015-01-21 at 09-04-432015-01-04 at 18-31-252015-01-04 at 18-33-222015-01-21 at 08-54-512015-01-04 at 18-33-362015-01-21 at 08-52-222015-01-04 at 18-32-142015-01-21 at 08-56-57But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart

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