Jail Tat

2014-11-22 at 14-53-17New York, New York

A couple weeks ago my husband, his best friend and I took a little roadtrip to The Big Apple. Yes, I can still be considered a tourist therefore can continue to call New York "The Big Apple", screw dem haters. The reason for this speedy journey down to the US of A was an appointment with my favourite tattoo artist Bang Bang. I had planned this adventure quite a while back and couldn't believe the day where I would  lay on a bed in agony for several hours had finally arrived. The process was not as painful as anticipated, as my previous experience with rib tattoos was anything but pleasant, but Bang, and being alone at the shop after hours made it bearable. I took it like a woman (I'm a feminist kay?) while watching Alice in Wonderland, and 4 hours later voilà, my canvas of a body was the proud owner of permanent art. I'm going to be a mean looking' grandma. This #OOTD moment, was captured the following day at the Mondrian Soho before leaving my favourite big fruit of a city, as I attempted to keep everything away from what felt like a blistering open wound. Hope you enjoy. PS someone's having a birthday this week, best tune in December 13th to check it out!2014-11-22 at 14-54-082014-11-22 at 14-51-242014-11-22 at 14-53-202014-11-22 at 14-53-592014-11-22 at 14-54-182014-11-22 at 14-51-112014-11-22 at 14-53-022014-11-22 at 14-52-162014-11-22 at 14-53-492014-11-22 at 14-50-042014-11-22 at 14-50-442014-11-22 at 14-51-23Photo 2014-11-21, 8 38 18 PMPhoto 2014-11-21, 7 56 51 PM1908017_10152869335100450_2271864590613244369_n2014-11-22 at 14-52-44Fluffy

Vintage sunglasses, (similar), Yves Salomon coat (similar), Alexander Wang for H&M shirt, vintage Levis mom jeans (similar), Celine Phantom bag, and Zara boots.