Jon Snow does Osheaga

Montreal, Canada

So we just got back from our very adventurous trip to Ireland, the jet lag is still in full effect, the husband surprised me with a birthday party with all our buddies when we got back, currently on day 2 of that hangover, and now I must face the world, start packing for LA and play the travel game all over again. I’m also a whole year older and therefore weaker, easier to exhaust, and plain old closer to death. Due to this, you will have to forgive me, but that lil’ run-on sentence probably won’t be the worse part of this post. It’s gonna be directionless, nonsensical, and full of unrelated tangents. This little #OOTD took place on the last day of Osheaga and marked the end of festival season. That’s right kids…Winter is coming. Well technically Fall is is coming, but I’m never gonna miss a chance to stick that reference in there. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, ya’ know. Sorry, I’m still on a Game of Thrones high after visiting Winterfell in Belfast (check out our INSTAGRAM, to see all the fun). The Lannisters send their regards btw…Just kidding! If you guys don’t know the fuck I’m talking about well, you are just a bunch of Jon Snows and know nothing. Nonetheless I lav you all and thank you for putting up with my Game of Thrones geek out rant. I bid you adieu!

My sexy little Night's Watch ensemble

Vans Minnie Mouse cap, Ray Ban Clubmasters, Nasty Gal necklace, For Love and Lemons dress, David Yurman, Links of London and Tous bracelets, Apple watch, Chanel bag, and Aldo boots.