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Los Angeles, California

LA is probably one of my favourite cities in the world. I was once a toddler with movie star aspirations, who dreamt of residing in the city of angels. Because of this, when we started visiting Lalaland I was a little apprehensive that, like many of the stars among it, it wouldn't live up to expectations. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed. As much as I complain that LA is well...so LA, I really starting enjoying the small stuff that makes it the magical place it is. That smoggy dusk light when driving down Sunset, those ever-present promotional billboards, the aesthetically mesmerizing stores on Melrose, those casual coffee run-ins with people you've admired your entire life, the proximity to Disneyland, and of course the reason why were all here today, the food! LA is the city I look most forward to eating in, not only because there are always trendy new spots where the food is amazing and you're likely to bump into someone from the cast of Friends, but because my top three restaurants in the entire world live right here. I know I say favourite a lot, but like actually though, these food havens are serious last meal material. It's a good thing I guess, because I die and go to heaven after every binge sesh that occurs when visiting these locations! BAM WHAT! Now that I've I made it cheesy, let's get to the food.

Feel free share where you love to eat, by sending us an emailwith your favourite spots! We'll try and check them out the next time we're in your neck of the woods!

Best Fancy Lunch

Spago(176 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills -$$$$) - I first fell in love with Wolfgang and his Spago restaurants, not in LA, but in Maui. What brought me to their LA location you ask? A craving for his illusive Spicy Tuna Cone, which I considered flying to Hawaii to devour just one last time. Though not on the menu, these little bad boys are served all year 'round as a special, which came as a huge relief after I read the menu the first time we visited and they were nowhere to be found. Don't worry, I didn't cause too big of a scene, just a couple of happy tears. As I said, this is a fancy lunch, which calls for fancy beer, fancy burgers, served on fancy white tablecloths. If you are lucky you will bump into our buddy Puck (ya, we call him Puck, cuz were close like that) when you come visit his signature restaurant.

If you are smart you will always say yes, and ask for one of each when bread service comes. If you are REALLY smart you will repeat this order everytime that bread plate becomes empty. 

Estrella Damm Inedit - The only Beer delectable enough to drink in a wine glass.

Don't fack with my cones, I don't share.

Wienerschnitzel - German chef, German classic.

Because Peter always gets the burger.

Best Pasta I've EVER Had

Osteria Mozza(6602 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles -$$$$) - I consider myself well traveled or wtv. I have tried my favourite foods, in their native countries and have totally enjoyed them, but no pasta I ever tasted in Italy has come close to Nancy Silverton's Cacio e Pepe. I made incredibly audible noises when I had my first bite, and had the same reaction when I had the first taste of my second portion. Even considered thirds believe it or not. The Orecchiette is also not one to be fucked with, so I recommend doing a pasta tasting, and sharing as many different noodle dishes as you can ingest. This ranks as my third fave restaurant on the planet, and I bet if you try it, it'll make your list too!

Who knew heaven's gates were on Melrose.

We never turn down a beautiful plate of Charcuterie, or a mediocre one for that matter.

Pasta Cacio E Pepe - All I care about in life is this pasta and like 3 people.

Orecchiette with sausage & Swiss chard - Trust me, it's life changing.

Best Brunch

Gjelina(1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice -$$$) - This is where cool kids eat. They are smart, they are cool, and they know what is good for them, so they come to Gjelina. On the wonderfully granola, bohemian boulevard that is Abbot Kinney, it is a great place to get somewhat out of the city and enjoy Venice in all it's glory. I have eaten here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you honestly cannot go wrong, but because bitches love brunch, I'm gonna talk brunch. It is unconventional and creative, just like I like it. The menu is full of little wonders both sweet and savoury, so make sure to bring friends to share, and always and I mean ALWAYS order a side of bacon.

Who's that fox in the denim culottes on the left over there! She looks driven and like she knows where she's going in life.

The not so usual suspects

Lemon Buckwheat Ricotta Pancakes, Crème Fraîche & Blueberry - I mean whattttt!

Duck Confit Potato Hash, Sunny Duck Egg, and Grainy Mustard - Because mama always orders the hash.

Best Sushi Outside of Japan (or is it?)

Matsuhisa(129 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles -$$$$) - As I said "well traveled", yada yada yada, but Matsuhisa restaurant, serves the best sushi I've ever had, even having eaten (unusual amounts of it) in Japan. Being Nobu aficionados, we have a strong affection for his first restaurant, (not counting his real first endeavour in Alaska that lit on fire) and I stand by the statement that it is also his best one. Nobu may have decor and ambiance, but Matsuhisa's authentic, beautifully crafted fish on rice will make you fall in love with sushi all over again. Sit at the bar if you know what's good for you, order your favourite sashimi, handrolls, and nigiri, and always make sure to have the chef make you his personal favourite. The rice is always perfect temperature, the accoutrements are always perfectly paired, and the fish well, it melts in your mouth like buttah. This location is also where I met my stomach's soulmate, Mr. Nobu Matsuhisa for the very first time. Somehow everytime we walk back into his establishment, he still remembers these two Swedish looking motherfuckers from Canada, and greets us like old friends. This amongst a million other reasons, is why this little joint is my second favourite restaurant in the world, and why Nobu will always be the #1 chef in my heart.

OK, there's two set of heaven's gates in LA, this one is on La Cienega.

My drink of choice at Nobu is flavoured sake! Here they serve a tasting flight that really gives you the full experience, and a lovely little buzz might I add.

Iwashi - This has become my favourite fish to order since a chef once recommended it as his favourite. I ain't gonna tell ya' what it is, but you should try it!

Stupid delicious

There is a right and wrong way to make a handroll, and this is definitely the right way. Don't you be makin' me cones of fish!

Once you are too full to ingest anything else make sure to order the shaved ice, goes down like water...get it...cuz it's ice!

Best Place for Romance and to Bump into Rihanna

Giorgio Baldi(114 W Channel Rd, Santa Monica -$$$$) - I love Rihanna, you love Rihanna, the whole WORLD loves Rihanna, but I can say I love Rihanna even more now that I know she knows good food! Giorgio Baldi, is a great reason to visit Santa Monica and be all kind of romantic with your special someone. It's dark, it's intimate, and it is BLOW YOUR MIND DELICIOUS. BadGalRiri may have been the reason we first visited this authentic Italian cookery, but we definitely have come back for the food. Always ask for the corner table, always order the specials, always trust your Italian waiter, and always cuddle your way through dinner. I say this because god knows, after that meal, you'll be too stuffed for any other kind of romancing...

Did we rip off our wedding logo after this? I didn't realize it then but...

I know a thing or two about balls, and these my friends are great ones.

Tortelli di Zucca - Homemade ravioli filled with pumpkin in a butter and sage sauce. Because everyone needs a like something sweet in their savoury.

Ricciarelle al Tartufo - Homemade short pappardelle in a white truffle sauce. Great if like me, you like a little pasta with your sauce.

I don't do coffee, but I do do Tiramisu.

Best Burger, Fries, and Transcending Life Experiences

In-N-Out(Multiple Locations -$) - Everyone remembers the first time they had In-N-Out. That first time you caved into the hype, and finally tried something Animal Style to know what everyone had been fussing over. Believe it or not, it's never a disappointment. I am going on record to say not only does In-N-Out serve the world's best tasting burger, but it serves my favourite meal in the world. Unpretentious, delicious, and if they served booze, I'm pretty sure I'd never go anywhere else. Sure, I mean everyone has got their own tastes, but for me, it doesn't get any better than the perfect cheeseburger, with a side of them polarizing cardboard fries that I dig oh so much.


As tears of joy stream down my face.

I have considered moving to the West Coast with weekly In-N-Out visits as my only incentive.

Zee Cheese Fries, with their neighbours, the ever illusive Animal Style fries.

I'm a singly patty kinda lady, but I hear their Double Double is something worth trying or wtv.

List of  preparations to try: Mustard Fried, Protein Style, Animal Style, The Flying Dutchman, 3x3, 4x4, and Double Meat. Don't fuck around, gotta catch them all!

Peter's Coffee PickS (that's right, he has two!)

Coolest Coffee

Deus Ex Machina Emporium of Post Modern Activities(1001 Venice Blvd, Venice -$$) - If you are like me, and all things petrol based make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, then Deus' Venice location is a must see. Not only will you be served a great coffee, and a wonderful selection of motorcycle surf culture lifestyle goods, but chances are you'll see a sick line up of bikes, if not a couple air cooled beauties as well.

The place is as cool as the people who visit it.

Latte + good bread. Life is simple.

Great decor, cool people and great coffee.

Hottest Coffee

Alfred {Coffee + Kitchen}(8428 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles -$$) - Contrasting to the type of folk you'll see in Venice, this place is where all the really "cool" people hang. Social media stars, people working on their techy business stuff etc. Good news, coffee is awesome (like their other locations) and if, like my wife, your wanting to see all the beautiful boutiques in LA, this street hosts some of "the most aesthetically pleasing retail locations of life" apparently.

Where the cool kids sit.

Simply great coffee.

Because it wouldn't be LA without the green juice.

and coconuts?

The not so healthy, but super delicious.

Morning necessities.

$$$ Legend   $-“That was so inexpensive!”    $$-“That wasn’t too bad.”    $$$- “Well that’s a little pricey.”     $$$$- “We were planning on selling our first born anyway, right!”

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