Lulu Liu Spring/ Summer 2015

2014-09-13 at 13-26-18London Fashion Week Day 3

After a wee Wang break, we get back to our London Fashion Week adventures. Pardon my unfunny-ness today as I am completely exhausted, post moving weekend, assignment binge week, and job prep. Imma do my best to make at least minimal amounts of sense...On our last night in the Queen's hood we had two shows to attend back to back. First Lulu Liu, a Chinese born designer whose time living in Japan is strongly reflected in her loud, and quirky, aesthetic. We then headed over to the star studded Marchesa show, which I will share with you in our next post. I wore this same Givenchy lace suit to both shows, but had to switch in my "So Kate" pumps for Chanel Oxfords, as the pinch stiletto  pain simply became intolerable. It was a stressful night, running from one location to the other, trying to get to shows on time, but we finally had the chance to wind down at the Marchesa after party, which I will tell you all about next time! Until then, here are a few images we captured in our hotel room before running out for our last night at LFW.2014-09-13 at 13-30-092014-09-13 at 13-30-232014-09-13 at 13-35-122014-09-13 at 13-38-222014-09-13 at 13-26-022014-09-13 at 13-34-502014-09-13 at 13-31-092014-09-13 at 13-26-342014-09-13 at 13-41-002014-09-13 at 13-37-092014-09-13 at 13-33-532014-09-13 at 14-07-572014-09-13 at 14-08-372014-09-13 at 14-08-532014-09-13 at 14-09-052014-09-13 at 14-09-162014-09-13 at 14-10-352014-09-13 at 14-13-542014-09-13 at 14-14-012014-09-13 at 14-14-152014-09-13 at 14-14-56Vayte Layce

Dior "Mise-En-Dior" earrings, Zara necklace, Givenchy lace suit, Karl Lagerfeld tee, vintage Hermes Kelly bag, Nasty Gal rings, and Christian Louboutin "So Kate"pumps.