My Buddy Eiffel

2014-05-27 at 13-39-30Paris, France

Before heading out to dinner with family friends one night in beautiful Paris, we decided to take advantage of the incredible view outside our window. I mean not too shabby right? Eiffel and I got to know each other quite well during my moon of honey, mostly due to proximity and living in close quarters. What a third wheel. Pretty badass, she's kind of a big deal around here. Anyways enough of my nonsense, here is more of me wearing H&M's incredible Conscience Collection with my new BFF.2014-05-27 at 13-38-352014-05-27 at 13-36-092014-05-27 at 13-36-592014-05-27 at 13-38-552014-05-27 at 13-36-292014-05-27 at 13-34-472014-05-27 at 13-39-232014-05-27 at 13-33-432014-05-27 at 13-33-092014-05-27 at 13-39-102014-05-27 at 13-36-342014-05-27 at 13-38-42 Conscience For Ever

Urban Outfitters golden leaf headband, H&M Conscience Collection jacket and jumpsuit, R necklace from Melrose trading post, AURELIE BIDERMANN LACE CUFF, Chanel bag, and Manolo Blahnik chaos sandal.