My Date With Edgardo

Montreal, Canada

A few weeks ago I invited my mother to join me to meet the incredibly talented Edgardo Osorio, designer of Aquazurra, before his shopping event at Holt Renfrew in Montreal. When you imagine someone with as much success as he has acquired in this relatively short period of time, the last thing you picture is a dashing, gracious, and incredibly young lad, but that is just what Edgardo is. After 10 years in the business at the tender age of 25  he casually started his own footwear brand and has since become a true household name in luxury accessory design. Just to put that in perspective, I am currently 24 years old, have nowhere near 10 years of experience in anything besides maybe binge eating or watching tv, and I certainly have no plans to launch a CC brand of whatever come next year.

With all of the accolades and rapid success you would think Edgardo would be hard to converse with, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I have rarely met a lovelier human being with such a kind demeanour and as much charm and charisma. His smile isn't hard to look at either, but most importantly his talent is undeniable when looking at his sketches and work. Striking the perfect balance between modern design and impeccable craftsmanship, Edgardo creates stylish yet wearable footwear that adds a slightly sultry edge to any look. Also, his heels are not tear inducing after a day of wear unlike his luxury footwear designing comrades, that shall remain nameless *cough* Louboutin *cough*. All shade aside, I had a truly lovely evening, trying on lovely shoes, with their lovely designer, and look forward to seeing what lovely things he has in store next. Until then I have a new pen pal, that I will definitely contact next time we visit Florence.

Monochrome is my jam

Round Ray Bans, earcuff from Joolz Bar à Bijoux, Alexander Wang leather/feather jacket, Twenty turtleneck, Topshop jeans, and Saint-Laurent purse and shoes.