2014-12-12 at 18-08-13Miami, Florida

One year ago on this very day, was birthed from my mind and into your computer screens...Ew. Kind of a yucky way to put it, but today is our BIRTHDAY, and we will make allowances for all cheesy yuckiness! We did it. A year of travel, love, and what I'd like to think are pretty sick outfits, has been documented on this very page. Looking back it is unbelievable to see all we have done and accomplished. I mean New York and London Fashion Week, travel to Paris, Greece, and probably like 12 trips to Walt Disney World, our wedding, not to mention the creative titles, sort of funny posts, and ridiculous #OOTDs that helped make this year what I consider a raging success. How the fuck did I get so lucky. I mean the clothes and seeing the world part are pretty awesome, but I'm referring to you guys. How did I get so lucky as to have a bunch of awesome readers, casual onlookers, and dedicated followers, give a shit about what I give a shit about. Now that my little chickens, has made me a very happy girl. So today I thank you...I thank you for the love, encouragement, positive reinforcement, and appreciation you extend my way, everytime you come visit the site. You have given my closet a greater purpose, and by doing so, have tamed my guilty conscience...well sort off. I now feel bad for my CC related accomplishments, as I could never have anticipated this. Fuck, well I don't think I'll ever get over this guilt thing. Probably a good thing I guess, would be annoying to change the site's name. Here's to hoping we have another year like this one!...only better.2014-12-12 at 18-07-582014-12-12 at 18-08-092014-12-12 at 18-08-242014-12-12 at 18-16-482014-12-12 at 18-11-492014-12-12 at 18-08-562014-12-12 at 18-11-252014-12-12 at 18-14-592014-12-12 at 18-30-432014-12-12 at 18-22-572014-12-12 at 18-26-182014-12-12 at 18-27-352014-12-12 at 18-11-152014-12-12 at 18-32-372014-12-12 at 18-24-102014-12-12 at 18-14-512014-12-12 at 18-23-40Miss. Bunnay

Maison Michel ears (similar), Dior earrings, Nasty Gal shirt and skirt, Chanel bag and watch, bracelets from Cartier and Hermes, and Christian Louboutin heels.