Ranting 101

2014-09-12 at 19-17-05London, England

 Let me start this rant by stating that I have an aversion to taking myself seriously, therefore shooting these posts is horribly embarrassing. I do not enjoy pouting in the streets of international capitals while groups of people stare and wonder WTF it is I am doing. Taking these pictures at night adds a new level of difficulty to this already frustrating game. After running around London from show to show, and eating/drinking my weight in fish and chips and ale, the last thing I wanted to do is slap some powder on my face, suck it in and pose. There goes my self esteem. You would think that having my better half be the one behind the lens may be soothing. WRONG.  Truth is having practice and being comfortable fighting with your photographer, only intensifies anger. So here I am ladies and gents having the time of my life holding poses, and sweating up a storm, swearing at the person I love the most, while strangers laugh at me. You think you know, but you have no idea...If you didn't get that you have confirmed that I am in fact gettin' ancient.  All kidding aside, besides instances like this one, documenting what I wore on ours travels and sharing all these experiences with you, is the most rewarding "job" i've ever had...so thanks for reading y'all.2014-09-12 at 19-14-212014-09-12 at 19-29-042014-09-12 at 19-23-232014-09-12 at 19-16-122014-09-12 at 19-27-192014-09-12 at 19-29-252014-09-12 at 19-14-422014-09-12 at 19-26-452014-09-12 at 19-15-242014-09-12 at 19-12-362014-09-12 at 19-16-382014-09-12 at 19-27-37My necklace gave me a rash...

Nasty Gal hat, Urban Outfitters necklace, Rehab tank, H&M Conscious Collection blazer, Hudson "Union Jack" jeans, and Chanel ring, bag and wingtips.