The Not So Grateful Dead

Miami, Florida

I signed Peter and I up for something a little bit Looney Tunes late last's called the "Walker Stalker Cruise", and yes it is a fan convention at sea for my favourite show, The Walking Dead. I know I've always been proud of my geek status, but this is the furthest I've ever taken it. This weekend I will be voluntarily embarking on a ship,  surrounded by only the most invested fans my kind has to offer, with the only method of escape being man overboard. The cast will be onboard for panels, Q&A's, photo ops, autograph sessions...and hopefully some serious hanging out, as I intend on being cool as a cucumber when approaching Norman Reeds to be best friends all the while wearing my Mrs. Dixon wife-beater...ya he's gonna love me. Who am I kidding...this cruise was fucking made for me! I'm a little afraid for the actors to be quite honest, they literally  signed up to be trapped on a vessel where every passengers' single purpose is to bug the shit out of them, and I have a feeling some of them bite...Good luck cast! I'll be on deck at 11 by the pool with tropical drinks on hand if you are looking for a bestie to share the plot of the second half of the 6th season with! If you're interested in seeing  how this weekend's adventure unfolds make sure to follow us on Instagram! Until then I'm going to practice my stealth stalking skills, poor Daryl Dixon won't know know what's coming for him...

Recommended The Walking Dead to my's been 2 days, she's on season 3 and has yet to leave her room

Ecua-Andino Panama hat, Tom Ford sunglasses, vintage Grateful Dead tee, Chanel watch, Cartier bracelets, Kendall + Kylie for Topshop skirt, and Hermes Birkin and sandals.