"took 45 minutes to get all dressed up"

2014-05-28 at 14-44-34Paris, France

...but contrary to Beyonce's situation we did make it to the club. The Crazy Horse in Paris to be more precise. Part burlesque strip joint, part acrobatic dance show, this spectacle surely makes for a titillating evening, no wonder Miss. B "borrowed" their routines for her Partition video and tour. After countless visits of the city of lights and staying right across the street at the George V, it was time I finally visit my topless neighbours at the "Cheval Fou". I was a super grumpy gal getting ready for our evening, and refused to pose for our usual pictures. My loving husband did the best he could with what I wasn't giving him, so here is a first on Conscience Coupable, me being super unprofessional and actually candid.2014-05-29 at 01-53-402014-05-28 at 14-40-342014-05-28 at 14-43-072014-05-28 at 14-41-032014-05-28 at 14-44-472014-05-28 at 14-40-402014-05-28 at 14-51-242014-05-28 at 14-40-502014-05-28 at 14-44-21One Woman Glam Team, Angry Woman Glam Team

H&M Conscience Collection lace dress, Mikimoto PEARL EARRINGS, Aurelie Bidermann  LACE CUFF, Agent Provocateur stockings, and Christian Louboutin Impera PUMPS (SIMILAR).