Whiny Summer

2015-05-22 at 10-10-48Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

This month has been absolute chaos...and by chaos I mean like really really busy! Summer vacation is never really a vacation is it? It was the shit in the sixth grade, now even when I think i'm taking time off, life has a funny way of filling up my schedule with grown up problems. Now let's get back on topic...before I started to complain about how busy I've been, I did actually go on vacation. JESUS am I the fussiest individual over the age of 3 or what. These images were captured while on our one year anniversary trip in turks. As you have most probably noticed, this was pretty early on in the trip as I am pale as fuck. This mini #OOTD shoot was a bit of a complete fucking mess. Goldilocks style, I like to call it. First it was too bright, then too humid, and then well...good thing I was wearing a bathing suit.2015-05-22 at 10-06-152015-05-22 at 10-06-372015-05-22 at 10-07-482015-05-22 at 10-07-252015-05-22 at 10-12-392015-05-22 at 10-09-572015-05-22 at 10-12-282015-05-22 at 10-10-512015-05-22 at 10-02-512015-05-22 at 10-23-08Got Wet

Ecua-Andino panama hat, Cartier aviators, bracelets and watch, H&M and Givenchy necklaces, Apiece Apart off the shoulder top, Missoni bikini, Nadia Safti shorts,  and Chanel bag and sandals.