The Climb


New York, New York

Though the weather has been somewhat uncooperative, summertime is finally on its way back here in Montreal and it’s starting to feel like the most wonderful time of the year again. GP weekend marks the begin of my favourite season in the city, and we certainly don’t ring it in quietly. Trust me if you spent of vast majority of the year under mountains of snow you wouldn’t either. This weekend, well actually this whole next month and a half, is about to get a little (lot) hectic, so in preparation I took a few days away from social media and attempted to get some R&R. Not going to lie, didn't suck. That being said, I feel as though I’m one of the few people in this space who, luckily enough, never really feels overwhelmed by this whole instagram generation phenomenon, the struggles it commonly triggers, and inner turmoil it creates. Not trying to brag or anything as I’m pretty much maladjusted in every other sector of my life, but this online thing I’ve got handled. Don’t get me wrong, I am riddled with insecurities and self doubt, but I have no problem admiring beautiful images, of even more beautiful people, doing even more beautiful things, in even more beautiful places. Somehow comparing myself to others is not something I struggle with which, when I think about it, is some kind of a miracle. God was like, “so here are all of these irrational issues you’re going to be riddled with, but let’s spare her this one little guy”. I’ve never really reflected as to why before, but I think it’s because I truly and deeply love celebrating every single person’s complete and utter uniqueness and selfishly enough even more so in myself. I take such pride in being a huge weirdo, with vastly differing interests that feel shouldn’t belong in the same human. Knowing that, comparing myself to someone else, even in my field, would be like pointing out the differences between apples and elephants. That’s how the saying goes right? Someone woke up confident today! Jesus! Look at me waxing poetic about self love!

There are tough days. The ones where the expectations and standards I set for myself will never be reached, and my accomplishments are never enough. I think I’m starting to figure out how to work around those though. Perhaps it’s not so bad to compare oneself when doing so with…well an early version of oneself. What I mean is, it’s all about growth. It doesn’t matter, what anyone else is doing, or how hard you may be on yourself sometimes, as growing is inevitable and undeniable. Sure it’s not always a steady climb, but no matter the setback, you will always find yourself more, and better after living and learning from every day that goes by, good or bad. Same goes for business. So compare yourself to 2 years ago you, or 2 weeks ago you. Now, no matter what the discouraging voices in your head may be sayings you can’t deny progress, and you can’t tell me that’s not an accomplishment that in and of itself. The knowledge you’ve gathered, the obstacles you surmounted, the scars you’ve acquired along the way. It may not always seem like it, but I promise, this worn you, no matter where she/he currently, is not only enough, he/she is pretty fucking badass. Guys, Miley Cyrus said it best…It’s the climb.


Off-White hat, Chanel sunnies, Zara sweater and skirt, Dior bag, and Balenciaga socks and sneakers.