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Finally! Welcome to the new! I have been so beyond excited to introduce the revamped site to you and go back to producing content on this platform. This is the place where CC was born. It was its first home way before YouTube, Twitter, and even before Instagram existed. This blog is and has always been my safe space. Where I was able to share all of my creativity and neuroses for the week in the span of one post. This is the place where I found confidence in my writing, when I found out I had so much to say. It gave me a place to express myself that felt all my own, all while sharing my thoughts with all of whom wanted to hear. There is a power in being able to open yourself so completely to the world without letting vulnerability get the best of you, and this website gave me that. God this is cheesy, but it played a big part in the woman I am today.

Life has a funny way of making things come full circle because believe it or not this #OOTD post is my 200th. Wish I could say I planned that myself, but it was all fate. I have a hard time taking myself seriously, or giving myself credit for things, even referring to some great moments in my personal development as accomplishments. I think that’s because I feel so lucky and blessed everyday to be in a position to do what I love on my own terms. Though it requires a lot of effort and time, it’s sometimes hard to refer to this as work, because I’m simply so grateful to be doing it…but today is the day where I’m going to give myself props, without feeling guilty, or silly, or like I’m being over indulgent. Tough task for me as I didn’t call the blog Conscience Coupable for nothing, but here it goes…

I’ve worked on ConscienceCoupable every single day of my life since the date of inception December 13th, 2013. That’s right, it’s a fun gig but unfortunately vacation days aren’t really a thing when you document every waking moment. I have given every image and word my entire heart and soul, wrestled with my confidence and self-esteem to convince myself I could accomplish certain things, and powered though some pretty rough situations to create the best content I was capable of. Because of this I was able to collaborate with incredibly kind and driven people and partner with brands I have had love and adulation for since my earliest beginnings. I have somehow managed to monetize the aspect of daily life I enjoy most…getting dressed in the morning, and that is something that 5 years ago didn’t feel like a realistic dream. All that being said the most rewarding thing of all, the thing that really makes me feel like I must have done something right along the way, are the interactions I have had with you.

When behind a keyboard and a screen, the very place I am today, you often forget anyone notices let alone cares about your existence at all. I shit you not, I’m wonderstruck to this day every time I receive a DM, comment, email, or have the chance to interact with any of you in person. I have a such a hard time wrapping my mind around having any kind of positive impact, complete denial, I simply don’t believe it. This little thing, created by little me, that started on this little website, created a little joy, a little bit everywhere. This is going to sound dramatic but I wake up some mornings feeling like I don’t matter, like I don’t have a purpose, like not only have I wasted everyone’s time but my own as well…and then I’ll get a message from one of you. You guys are the true unit of measurement, the only ROI for all the hours behind this screen, the only measure of success or accomplishment I trust in this new age social media world we live in. You make me feel like this wasn't all frivolity, like my work matters, and like I matter.

How did I end up rambling this long. All this to say welcome to the new and improved, it’s been hard work, but thank you for making it so worth it.

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