Disney Dress Code

2014-02-21 at 14-32-04Walt Disney World Boardwalk

Here I found myself again in Disney World, this time to run the annual Princess Half Marathon (I need a lot of incentive aka a trip to visit my buddy Mickey, to do any form of physical activity) . I told you this place is like a drug to me. There is something so fun about theme park attire, you can either go sloppy casual, like 99% of the American public visiting the happiest place on earth, or you can take a hint from the Japanese tourists and do it up right. Seriously no matter the despicable heat, or torrential downpour these ladies dress as if it was WDWFW (Walt Disney World Fashion Week if you couldn't figure that one out). Sure, you can be comfortable thanks to your tube socks, Nike airs, and a fanny pack is so gosh darn useful, but wouldn't you rather, i dunno...not look like an idiot. I try to stay somewhat in the middle of the two extremes..I may look cute in my Chanel high tops, but them tube socks are keeping those blisters away below the surface.2014-02-21 at 14-34-442014-02-21 at 14-32-192014-02-21 at 14-35-162014-02-21 at 14-33-352014-02-21 at 14-35-142014-02-21 at 14-32-332014-02-21 at 14-34-182014-02-21 at 14-34-072014-02-21 at 14-32-092014-02-21 at 14-32-452014-02-21 at 14-31-49Parachute Pant Game

Nintendo snapback (similar), Porsche Design aviators (similar), Zara pleather crop top, Diane Von Furstenberg parachute cargo pants, Cartier Ballon Bleu watch and Juste Un Clou bracelet, and Chanel bag and high tops.