Downton Abbey ruined my life

Look 23 - 7Leaving Montreal

Finally we get to the good stuff! Though NYFW was already last week, it seems as though time flies by when you're watching Downton Abbey. Seriously, My pile of responsibilities was almost reaching the ceiling and for some reason I could not give two shits, as long as I found out if Mary and Matthew were going to tie the knot, and that Bates was going to make it out of jail. A week later i'm already at season 3, so no spoilers readers PLEASE, I've been working so very hard to catch up. This "masterpiece classic" is a victorian novel on screen, and I simply cannot get enough. Nothing guilty about this pleasure! Now getting back to what a street style blog is supposed to be about...oops my A.D.D often gets the best of me when I pen these, as you have all probably noticed. We decided to drive up to New York instead flying so comfort was essential, therefore I went for this BCBG runway sweatsuit of sorts. I've always been a fan of wearing matching separates, which is considered a serious offence by many...but what can I say, i'm constipated, couldn't give a shit.Look 23 - 1Look 23 - 6Look 23 - 3Look 23 - 8Look 23 - 4Look 23 - 2Look 23 - 5Do I Match the Carpet or the Drapes?

Nasty Gal necklace, BCBG Runway sweatshirt and pants, Nike fuel band, Chanel pearl bracelet, Cartier bracelet and watch, Céline Phantom tote, Samsonite Cosmolite luggage, Christian Louboutin sex pumps.