Festival Queen

Montreal, Canada

Hello friends. Yes, friends that is what all you little chickens are to me. This past weekend was Osheaga and not only did I have a great time dressing for the festival (I mean I wore a crown), and listening to some exceptional music, but I had an even better time meeting some of you! Your enthusiasm was so touching and appreciated I was afraid I didn't convey how grateful I truly am. So here I am, writing a little note to say a big thank you to all who are reading these words.

I have been having a hard time recently, choosing what steps to take with this little labour or love. It has been a year and a half since we re-launched the blog on this new site and, as fun as I have had with it, it has become a daily challenge and a lesson in humility, accepting to take some giant leaps forward that are followed by rejection and more then a few steps back. I am not a fan of giving up, but on some days throwing in the towel and letting CC go has crossed my mind. It has been tough to persevere, when all the time, effort, and love we put into this, doesn't always result in the growth we'd hope to see. My optimistic ambition was always to turn this little engine that could into somewhat of a career, but the journey is never as simple as one imagines it. Hard work doesn't always pay off, and sometimes admitting defeat is the best call one can make...Not for me.

To all who ever glanced at the site and thought it not worthy, to all who lost interest, and to those who personally rejected what we are trying to accomplish...I say fuck 'em! I do not wake up in the morning and write CC for them, I do that for you guys. All who have followed our adventures, and enjoyed the ride, all who have let one of my dumb jokes make you smile on a shitty day, all of you who took the time to come up to me and give a stranger a hug because it feels like you know me. Truth is you guys do know me, probably better then most, and I feel like I know you too if that makes any sense...But I want to know more, who you are, your story, what you love, what it was that drove you mad enough to spend time reading my rants, and what it is that you would like to see from our little blog. We are a work in progress, on a journey as I had mentioned, and now it's time for you to tell us in what direction we should be heading. Just click that little Contact tab and write what your little heart desires, I want to hear it all! God knows you've read enough of what my crazy ass has to say...After all of that, imma leave you with a little cheesy wisdom.

Follow your dreams, be empowered, never take no for an answer, and most of all don't let those who reject you define your worth, because if you do, how will those fuckers find out they were wrong...

I adore you all!


Wildfox x FAUXTALE basic tiara, vintage Gianfranco Ferré sunglasses, Nasty Gal necklace, For Love and Lemons dress and undies, Apple watch, David Yurman and Links of London bracelets, Chanel bag, and Aldo boots.