Flower Child

Montreal, Canada

The end of Summer turned out to be a pretty busy time for us. Like REAL busy. Here's the deal, wedding this weekend, Ireland next week, half marathon/Disneyland in California after that, followed by New York Fashion Week...I think that is just about enough stuff so I burnout right when classes start. Yay! Who am I kidding though, as stressful as it might sometimes be, traveling like this is what I fucking live for...The little #OOTD pictured, above and bellow, was worn for day 2 of Osheaga last week. Highlights included, the food big (thank you to my buddy Danny Smiles and the entire Crown Salts team for the incredible eats and the extra 6 pounds), bumping into Cara Delevingne everywhere, all fucking day long, without ever building the courage to tell her she is pretty cool, the food, Milky Chance and Clemens' awesome hair,  the food, dancing to Kygo, the food, catching the end of Weezer, the food, oh and loosing my voice screaming along to Kendrick Lamar lyrics. Wow, what a run-on sentence that turned out to be...did I mention the food though? Ya...the food was good.

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I've mastered the art of faking a milkmaid braid

Round flash lense Ray Bans, Nasty Gal necklace, Miss Pixie floral bra and skirt, Chanel bag, and Aldo boots.