2014-02-24 at 18-28-09Disney's Boardwalk Resort

And with this our Disney trip came to a conclusion. During our last night I decided to pull out my Marc Jacobs  sweater to showcase who's team I was playing on, and to intensify this ridiculous package added my leather mouse cap. The ultimate Mickey Mouse #OOTD wouldn't you say?...or a little too intense, but hey...can't win em' all. Over the years I have enjoyed collecting pieces that I felt were made for me as they encompass two or three of my absolute favourite things in one. Unfortunately sometimes this means they are not exactly fitting for day-to-day casual settings, case and point this Comme Des Garçons hat. Therefore I always try to bring them along when they are classified as totally normal in a respective setting, so those leather beauties are always guaranteed a seat in my bag to Disney World. I'm going to have to get a lot of mileage on that cap as it wasn't exactly a sound investment,  but hey shouldn't be too hard right...ears go with everything.2014-02-24 at 18-31-492014-02-24 at 18-35-452014-02-24 at 18-32-142014-02-24 at 18-29-072014-02-24 at 18-30-112014-02-24 at 18-27-522014-02-24 at 18-32-032014-02-24 at 18-33-452014-02-24 at 18-28-002014-02-24 at 18-26-212014-02-24 at 18-28-452014-02-24 at 18-22-262014-03-18 at 08-57-46Forever Let Us Hold Our Banners High...high, high, high!

Comme Des Garçons cap, Vintage Gianfranco Ferré glasses, Marc Jacobs sweater, Flying Monkey hight waisted jeans, Chanel bag, and sneakers and arm party featuring, Hermes, Chanel, Cartier (similar), Nike, and my Disney Magic Band .