Marchesa Fall 2014

2014-02-12 at 17-34-23New York Fashion Week

A little over a week ago I had the chance of attending my favourite designers' Fall 2014 show at the New York Public Library. There is something unattainable and life-changing about the notion of sitting front row at any form of performance, so to do so at NYFW to view my most adored couple of designers new garments live before my eyes, and sharing that moment with Anna Wintour was a surreal experience. The collection was breathtaking. There is a reason Marchesa has always resonated with my personal aesthetic, even though evening wear is not part of my every day ensembles. There is something  whimsical, and opulent about each gown and garment that feels otherworldly. Season after season their concentration on the most luscious and dreamlike fabrics and materials from tulle, to fringe, to lace, to illusion panelling, always feels so cleverly designed and beautifully executed, it becomes obvious why no other evening wear designers can rival their red carpet aesthetic. I have always stated that if I were to dip my foot in the design pool these are the kinds of garments I would dream of making. Many shows use production for theatrics, with dripping chocolate walls, and Kardashian nipples,  but with a presentation like Marchesa the drama clearly originates from the "oh so" intricate work put into each and every piece. This season Georgina and Keren took us to the Scottish Highlands, with their take on tartan (metallic dip-dyed lace) and even deconstructed kilts (burnt orange and black Chantilly lace). The colour palette resembles shades of an evening bomb fire in the fields, and the static hair and use of cornrows adds a contemporary element to what is another timeless collection from the lovely designers. Do not even get me started on the shoes.. 2014-02-12 at 17-27-402014-02-12 at 17-26-372014-02-12 at 17-27-242014-02-12 at 17-26-022014-02-12 at 17-26-122014-02-12 at 17-27-202014-02-20 at 09-16-392014-02-12 at 17-26-072014-02-12 at 17-26-552014-02-12 at 17-25-58 2014-02-12 at 17-22-112014-02-12 at 17-22-342014-02-12 at 17-22-562014-02-12 at 17-23-252014-02-12 at 17-24-172014-02-12 at 17-24-542014-02-12 at 17-25-172014-02-12 at 17-26-142014-02-12 at 17-26-412014-02-12 at 17-27-352014-02-12 at 17-27-512014-02-12 at 17-28-082014-02-12 at 17-28-232014-02-12 at 17-28-582014-02-12 at 17-29-122014-02-12 at 18-54-282014-02-12 at 18-59-01What's New Pussycat

Maison Michel ears (similars), Helmut Lang fur neck warmer, J. Crew necklace (similar), Marchesa Voyage jacket, Lush dress, Saint-Laurent 'Sac de Jour' bag, and Christian Louboutin leopard boots.