2014-04-05 at 16-52-45Miami

I've got no reason to complain, I live a complete and blessed life, full of adventure!...but fuck do I wish I was at Coachella right now. Every year it's always the same thing, "next year we're going for sure!"..and yet again as I lay here in bed going through my instagram feed, I get the most epic case of FOMO ever known to man. Why I want to go you ask?..well, I want to wear my #peachloveandshit clothes without getting strange looks from people (not that it's ever stopped me before), and, of course, I want a reason to buy more 70s festival wear. Everyone says they were born in the wrong era, but fo' serious psychedelia and I would have gotten along just splendidly, better then living through everyone's "Emo" phase, i'll tell you that much. I mean what is our era going to be known for?...house music...seriously?! It is a known fact that our generation is indeed lazy as fuck, but must we even respect the "music" and endorse millionaire disc jockeys (ya, that's right what did you think DJ stood for) for pushing play and waving their hands up while thousand of doped up tweens dance as if they were getting exorcised. Ok that actually sounds like a pretty good time, and not that far from dropping acid and watching Hendrix asking "Are You Experienced?" But you kinda get the point i'm making don't you? Hypocrisy is bitch and she lives within me, another rant courtesy of Claude on CC. Anyways all this to say having Coachella envy I wore this, then I ate a lot, and it wasn't so comfortable or cute anymore...2014-04-05 at 16-51-002014-04-05 at 16-46-542014-04-05 at 16-50-292014-04-05 at 16-47-362014-04-05 at 16-46-092014-04-05 at 16-49-172014-04-05 at 16-45-242014-04-05 at 16-47-232014-04-05 at 16-52-372014-04-05 at 16-50-452014-04-05 at 16-45-492014-04-05 at 16-48-372014-04-05 at 16-51-11Osheaga will have to suffice

Alexander McQueen headscarf (similar), Porsche Design aviators (similar), Nasty Gal necklace, rings and handpiece (similar), bracelets by David Yurman (similar) and Cartier (similar), vintage Rolex watch, Zara shirt, Alice & Olivia maxi skirt, Alexander Wang Rockie duffel, and Chanel sandals.