Walt Disney World Food Guide

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Well, this is easy. I mean, lets face it, how many people do you know pretty much live in Disney theme parks. We often get asked,  how we do it, why we like it, and what should a person do when they go. Well that, and if we're completely insane, as we visit the happiest place on earth what some may consider, a little too often. The answer my friends, would be that I'm crazy about the food...and the drinks of course! Don't get me wrong, I could ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror until I have a seizure, but riding my favourite attractions, is not what makes me anticipate our next visit. The entire experience is pretty much tailored around food. Reservations are made up to 180 days in advance, and then I sit there and think of what I'm going to order next time we go to Be Our Guest restaurant. Deffs "the grey stuff"...man I can't wait to go back!

Waking up every morning in Walt Disney's universe promises a day full of wonder and amazement, and practicing my favourite hobby, eating, is a big part of that. I got a lifetime of knowledge folks, so I guess you can think of this as a Disney food highlight reel with our favourite restaurant pick/picks for each park. I've planned these trips once or twice before, so to help you experience all the culinary wonders Disney has to offer, here is the ultimate list of "Walt Disney World Must Eats." Also in honour of my wholesome happy place, this post will be free of any profanity and butt jokes. You're welcome.

The Classics


These iconic snacks are the backbone of Disney eats culture, and probably the image that pops into your mind when you think of Disney food. Though they may lean on the sweeter, and greasier side, they are not to be overlooked for healthiness sake as they are a delicious essentials to any Disney trip! These bad boys can be found in almost every park, though some, like the Dole Whip and Corn Dog Nuggets are exclusive to Magic Kingdom, so best plan for a 5000 calorie day when you're there! These shnacks are the ones you create room for, even when there is literally no way you can eat anymore, because eating a Mickey shaped anything, will always taste a million times better than it does in its original form...

Disney Tusker House Restaurant 8

Mickey Waffles - Part of a not so nutritious breakfast but a staple of character dining buffets.

Disney Turkey Leg Snack 6

Disney's Hollywood studios is only one of the many locations you can bite into this salty snack/viking meal!

Disney Turkey Leg Snack 7 The Turkey Leg - Not for the faint hearted, and looking a little phallic at the moment. 

Disney Mickeys Ice Cream Bar Snack 1

I scream, you scream we all scream for Mickey ice cream.

Disney Mickeys Ice Cream Bar Snack 2

This little beauty.

Disney Mickeys Ice Cream Bar Snack 3

Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar - Can't help but crack for this little guy.

Disney Dole Whip 1

This ultimate Disney classic, can be found exclusively at Magic Kingdom's Aloha Isle Refreshments.

Disney Dole Whip 3

The Dole Whip - It's alway better with a wittle juice on the bottom.

Disney Churro Snack 1

The Frontierland Mickey Pretzel & Churros stand - The rootinest tootinest stand in the wild wild west.

Disney Churro Snack 3

The Churro - Ya...I don't share this one.

Corn Dog Disney 2

Corn Dog Nuggets from Casey's Corner in Magic Kingdom - This engineered nugget/pogo hybrid is everything.

Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom cover

That's right kids, this is the central hub of the happiest place on earth, and where dreams come true. You will find Cinderella Castle, and all of Walt's classic attractions, including It's a Small World, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Often the most crowded, having a good game plan is important when visiting Magic Kingdom. There are not many sit down restaurants, so reservations are key to have the best possible food experience in the park. Fastpass+ reservations, will also make sure you get to do all your favourite attractions without the wait! We personally love to spend nights in Magic Kingdom, as it is usually stays open late, and after all the kids go to sleep us big kids can take over. Night-time is also when you can see Tinker Bell take flight during their firework show appropriately names "Wishes", and even witness a classic from before my day with the "Main Street Electrical Parade". I could ramble on about all my must do's for every park for ages, but let's get back to the happiest part of the happiest place on earth...the food.

Be Our Guest Restaurant (Fantasyland-$$) - O.K. for you Disney first timers, they aren't kidding when they tell you the Magic Kingdom is a dry park...so you best be a fan of Coca Cola products, because that's the only buzz you're gonna to be getting in Cinderella's neck of the woods. However, recently a special exception was made to this rule, in the form of Be Our Guest Restaurant. On this french culinary adventure Lumière invites you to pull up a chair and eat in the Beast's castle. If you can manage to get a reservation that is. Finding a very decent meal in the Magic Kingdom can be challenging if your a complete food snob like my husband, but even he approves of this place...though he may be a bit bias because of the booze situation.

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 1

Making your way into the Beast's castle...

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 12

You might recognize this...you know, if you had a childhood or whatever.

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 3

 Enchant Rosé - Adorably themed and exclusive to the Beast's castle

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 4

Potato Leek Soup - To warm up on those chilly Florida days.

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 5

Roasted Lamb with Herb Goat Cheese Polenta - You think they would judge me if I asked for a full plate of crispy polenta when we go back?

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 6

The Catch du Jour - Just some fresh fesh.

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 8

The main event.

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 9

Try "The Grey Stuff" it's delicious, don't believe me ask the dishes! Currently booking a Disney vacation to satisfy that craving.

Disney Be Our Guest Restaurant 7

You may just bump into this guy on your way out!

Disney's Hollywood StudiosHollywood studios

This bad boy used to be my favourite park...however when we started having too much fun drinking and eating around Epcot it became a bit of a toss-up. The attractions here are definitely the best in Walt Disney World. Make sure to get a Fastpass for the Rock N' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and Toy Story Mania, and visit my boyfriend Indiana Jones while you're there. Also this will be the home of the new Star Wars themed land everyone and their mom has been freaking out over, so this park might just inch over Epcot as my fave again once that comes into fruition.

Hollywood Brown Derby (Hollywood Boulevard-$$$)- Reminiscent of Hollywood's golden age, The Hollywood Brown Derby is the last of it's kind. It is the best sit down meal you will find in the studios, and one of my father's favourites. The menu is unusually fancy for theme park fair as is their wine list. Due to this, I have made a habit of ordering food off the kids menu, and drinks from the grown ups selection. Trust me when I say, grilled cheese and Crystal are a perfect pairing.

Disney Hollywood Brown Derby 1

The Derbs

Disney Hollywood Brown Derby 2

Flights are another Disney must drink! Triple fisting is always a good call.

Disney Hollywood Brown Derby 3

The Cobb Salad - Their classic.

Disney Hollywood Brown Derby 5

Wagyu Beef Burger - You want to see Peter smile, put an egg on something. 

Disney Hollywood Brown Derby 6

My perfect meal consists of a kids menu Grilled Cheese drowning in a grown up Tomato Soup.

Disney Hollywood Brown Derby 7

Margarita flight - Or as I like to call it, dessert.

Animal Kingdom

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Though I wasn't originally a fan, Animal Kingdom has cooked up some wonderful stuff over the years, including Everest and Dinosaur which are some of my favourite attractions. Their Kilimanjaro Safari expedition is always spectacular, and full of surprises. This place is definitely not a zoo, and my animal friends always look happy to live here. My most recent safari ride included baby giraffes, rhinos, and even some tiny heffalumps! The whole park feels like a mystical jungle, and with the addition of "Avatar land" and their own nighttime spectacular show called "Rivers of Light", it might just join the running to become our favourite park.

Tusker House (Harambe Village-$$)- There are not many options in Animal Kingdom, so Tusker House's "African" fair, and character dining experience always makes it an easy choice. Buffets are usually something I stay super far away from if I have a choice in the matter, but meeting Mickey is an absolute must do when visiting Walt Disney World, and this is the best way to do it. Listen, lines to meet characters are always ridiculously long, and besides, I much rather they come bother me for a photo while I'm stuffing my face with Mickey waffles. Here's a little fat girl tip, if you get a late breakfast reso, and you hang around long enough you get to try out the lunch buffet as well! All you can eat of two different buffet's folks! You can thank me for those extra pounds later.

Disney Tusker House Restaurant 12

In case you weren't sure what direction to head in. 

Disney Tusker House Restaurant 11

Best place to have one too many in the Harambe Village.

Disney Tusker House Restaurant 2

Mama likes African beer, let's be honest mama likes all beer. 

Disney Tusker House Restaurant 3

Because I'm really into samosas.

Disney Tusker House Restaurant 5

Rotisserie chicken - Apparently an African AND Quebecois food staple.

Disney Tusker House Restaurant 7

The boyfriend came by to say hi. We've always been a great match because were not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion. 



Now for the main event. According to Walt Disney, Epcot stands for "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow." I prefer to refer to it as my eating and drinking land. No really. All of our Disney meals usually take place in the World Showcase, and the cravings from here are what keep us coming back for more. With pavilions for 11 of my favourite countries, your dining experience is never boring and always delicious. Also the Epcot drinking tour, which I still feel like we invented, is a highlight of all of our trips. In case you didn't get the gist from the name, it consists of having one specialty drink in every country pavilion, and then usually taking a nap. Good thing we always stay walking distance away, at the Boardwalk Inn, as those would be some rough Disney bus rides home.

Rose & Crown (UK-$$) - A true UK pub in an unusually sunny London. This is the perfect place to grab a pint of your favourite traditional brew. If you'd like to enjoy the food here the restaurant offers a selection of traditional pub fare including pot pies and fish and chips, but let's be honest, we mostly go for the Guinness.

Disney UK Rose & Crown Epcot 1

Peter literally has a fit if we walk by without going in.

Disney UK Rose & Crown Epcot 4

A proper pour of Guinness.

Disney UK Rose & Crown Epcot 2

I really like Potato Leek soup don't I?

Disney UK Rose & Crown Epcot 3

Fish and delish.

Le Cellier (Canada-$$$$) - OHHHH CANADA. When I'm homesick, I always love to visit my homeland pavilion for a nice Labatt beer. All kidding aside this is one of Walt Disney World's best restaurants, and not the easiest to get a reservation for. That's right folks, us Canadians are real popular. This steakhouse, modeled after a cellar, ergo the name, serves up some meaty classics, that never disappoint.

Disney Canada Le Cellier Epcot 1

The rain poncho everybody! My fave Disney #OOTD.

Disney Canada Le Cellier Epcot 2

Why not pay import fees for a beer you could get at your local dep back home right? It's all about committing to this immersive experience.

Disney Canada Le Cellier Epcot 3

This bread, namely the pretzel roll, is devastating with maple salted butter, and one of the main attractions here.

Disney Canada Le Cellier Epcot 4

My favourite fancy cold cuts - Charcuterie Platter.

Disney Canada Le Cellier Epcot 5

Salmon - Because Peter is annoying and makes healthy choices. 

Disney Canada Le Cellier Epcot 6

I on the other hand, do not have the same regard for my health. - Poutine (Albeit a tad Americanized, but still delicious!)

Disney Canada Le Cellier Epcot 7

Because Canadian beef is best, and this is a steakhouse after all. 

La Cava del Tequila (Mexico-$) - Orlando is  traditionally hot as hell, so what better way to cool down than with some fantastic AC and drinks. Head into the Mesoamerican pyramid in the Mexican pavilion, to try out my favourite tequila bar. Here, the wonderful bartenders will shake up some wonderfully creative Margaritas, and always card you. Mexico doesn't mess around with underage drinking.

Disney Epcot Mexico Tequila 1

Love when Mayan ruins have a great AC system.

Disney Epcot Mexico Tequila 2

No line means drink time.

Disney Epcot Mexico Tequila 3

Tequila, tequila, mezcal, repeat!

Disney Epcot Mexico Tequila 4

Our favourites, the classic for me, and the Jalapeño, for my spicy little husband.

Disney Epcot Mexico Tequila 5

If like me, you love spoiling your appetite before a meal, grab a seat, and order these tortilla chips. The guac is bar none, and oh that queso! 

Kingla Bakeri Og Kafe (Norway-$) - Although the Norway pavilion traditionally gets unfairly ignored by us, there is one thing, that when on the drinking tour with friends, we cannot pass up. This off the menu item is called the Viking shot, and it is probably the worst thing you will ever drink, and I completely recommend it. Like Buckley's cough syrup, it tastes awful and it works! The premise here, is to take down a shot of this warm herb infused vodka with a stoic face, to prove you are in fact a viking. I've seen many a man fail at this, but I have now become a seasoned professional. If you are not a booze drinker, the bakery also offers a number of savoury and desert items, some traditional to Norway. Like this "School Bread", which is a Epcot classic, but turns out I don't really like at all.

Disney Canada Norway Epcot

Goes down smooth. NOT!

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar (Italy-$$)- Another must do for very warm days is to head to the Italian pavilion to the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar. Grab a table and order the delightful cheese and charcuterie platter with some Italian wine and beer and maybe a cannoli if you're feeling crazy. This is one of my absolute favourite locations in in Epcot! Seriously though, ask for some focaccia and olive oil and you are sure to have yourselves a very happy day.

Disney Italy Epcot 1

Another place that Peter will have a hissy fit over, if we don't make a stop. 

Disney Italy Epcot 2

Who's that cute lady in the red hat?! She looks so elegant and hungry.

Disney Italy Epcot 4

Bellini - A Claude classic. Referring to herself in the third person is also a Claude classic apparently.

Disney Italy Epcot 5

 Bruschetta di Capri - Sometime if they are on bread, with some olive oil, I'll eat vegetables. Wait, aren't tomatoes fruit?

Disney Italy Epcot 6

Peter dreams of this.

Disney Italy Epcot 9

I dream of this.

Germany Bier Stand (Germany-$) - I see a recurring theme here. Do we have a bit of a drinking problem? Maybe, but I'm choosing to ignore it because beer in Gemany is as serious as bread in France. When the Reinheitsgebot (wiki that) governs how beer is made, it is always pure and delicious. Also grab a pretzel because...Why not?

Disney Germany Epcot 5

Danke schön.

Disney Germany Epcot 6

Beer and pretzels are a match made in heaven.

Disney Germany Epcot 3

Don't mind my bum nail. Prost!

Tepan Edo (Japan-$$$) - Since I was a little girl this Japanese Teppanyaki eatery has always been my absolute favourite restaurant on all of Disney property. The food is absolutely delicious. Must tastes include the shrimp, chicken, scallops, and more recently the wagyu beef. The experience is always wonderFULL and it is usually what we look most forward to when returning to Disney World.

Disney Japan Teppan Edo Epcot 1

No really this is in Florida. 

Disney Japan Teppan Edo Epcot 5

Asahi - Our favourite. Man I do say that a lot.

Disney Japan Teppan Edo Epcot 4


Disney Japan Teppan Edo Epcot 2

Tori - Hers.

Disney Japan Teppan Edo Epcot 3

Hotate - His.

L'Artisan des Glaces (France-$) - The french pavilion offers two wonderful sit down restaurants, but those are not the places where you will find the best bite in all of fake France.  Peter looses his mind over this macaron ice cream sandwich from L'Artisan des Glaces, and again will have a hissy fit if his craving is not attended to.

Disney Artisan Des Glaces Restaurant 1

Yay!...Another line.

Disney Artisan Des Glaces Restaurant 2

That's some fresh waffle right there.

Disney Artisan Des Glaces Restaurant 3

Peter creeping on this poor woman grabbing her ice cream cone. 

Disney Artisan Des Glaces Restaurant 4

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich - Creamy, crunchy, chewy, chocolate!

Disney Springs

disney springs

Formerly known as Downtown Disney, Disney Springs has been completely revitalized, and though it isn't considered a theme park, it is still always a must do when visiting my happy place. Themed after turn-of-the century lakeside towns that dotted the Florida landscape, this current construction hub, is nothing but absolutely charming, but lets be honest, the reason I come here is to shop. When we drive from Miami we love to spend our day post checkout, walking around, buying too much merchandise and eating at one of the many fantastic restaurants.

Fulton's Crabhouse (The Landing-$$$) - This place is a family favourite and has been for as long as I can remember. I've only recently become completely obsessed with eating king crab, and this is the perfect place to get my fix. Also, they serve a certain crab dip, that has been known to create a euphoric effect on me. Peter sweetly refers to is as Claude crack.

Disney Downtown Fultons Crabhouse 4

I'm on a boat annnndd....

Disney Downtown Fultons Crabhouse 3

Mama certainly likes her Margaritas doesn't she. 

Disney Downtown Fultons Crabhouse 2

Breads, dips and the Crab Cake - There it is, to the right, in all of its glory.

Disney Downtown Fultons Crabhouse 1

The main event.

Jock Lindsey's Hanger Bar (The Landing-$$) - This 1940s airplane hangar turned dive bar, is the ex home of Indiana Jones' sidekick and pilot friend Jock Lindsey. This place is brand spankin' new, and we absolutely love the theming. I mean if your as fond of Harrison Ford (unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him) as I am, you can't pass up any opportunity to enter the world of his most famous character. So cool! Also the menu is incredibly creative and conceptualized as are the drinks!

Disney Downtown Hanger Bar 5

So jealous of their uniforms...

Disney Downtown Hanger Bar 4

If you feel like exploring, there are tons of Lucas Film and Marvel easter eggs hidden around the bar.

Disney Downtown Hanger Bar 2

Cool-headed Monkey - If you are bananas for this mug, you can purchase it and take it home...See what I did there.

Disney Downtown Hanger Bar 1

Air Pirate's Pretzels - Or as I like to call them, PRETGELS!..get it...because they look like bagels. These jokes are getting weak.

Morimoto Asia (The Landing-$$$$) - Another brand new restaurant on the block. If you haven't noticed by now, Disney loves a good themed establishment, and this is no exception. Modeled after an old bottling company, the decor in this place is absolutely stunning. We'll probably have to go back a couple more times to get the full menu, but so far, so very very good.

Disney Downtown Morimoto 1

Pan Asian cuisine is this way folks.

Disney Downtown Morimoto 3

Duck Ramen- If crab dip is my crack, this is Peter's. 

Disney Downtown Morimoto 2

Churro Fondue - Best dessert in all of Disney World. There is Nutella in that little toothpaste tube...need I say more. 

The Ganachery (The Landing-$$) - Fancy sugar highs are a guarantee when visiting  these expert chocolatiers. Selling individual ganache chocolate as well as package bars themed after Disney characters and resorts around the world, I'd be very impressed if anyone walked out of here empty handed. The first time we tried the Disneyland Paris bar, Peter shoved me out of the way and inhaled the salted caramel goodness in about 5 minutes. I convinced him we needed two this time around.

Disney Downtown The Ganachery 3

Hi Peter's reflection!

Disney Downtown The Ganachery 1

Ganache on ganache on ganache.

Disney Downtown The Ganachery 2

“Distinctively Disney” Chocolate Bars - Our favourite...no really I mean that everytime. 

Peter's Coffee Pick

Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC (The Landing-$) - Disney has recently been infested with Starbucks coffee shops, and I am absolutely thrilled on early theme park mornings, but I decided on something a little more special for my coffee pick this time around. Though it doesn't fulfill my caffeine quota from an energy standpoint, the Chocolate Mocha Cupcake from Erin McKenna's, is sweeter then a cup of joe will ever be. This bakery is vegan, kosher, gluten free, etc...and is also insanely tasty.

Disney Downtown Erin McKennas Bakery 1

There is one reason why we keep coming back here...

Disney Downtown Erin McKennas Bakery 2

We've tried a few, but have one definite favourite.

Disney Downtown Erin McKennas Bakery 3

This bad boy is getting two pictures because its so good.

Disney Downtown Erin McKennas Bakery 4

Mocha Brownie Cupcake - We will be meeting again very soon you beautiful thing.  

$$$ Legend   $-Donald cheap  $$-Pluto raisonnable  $$$-Getting Goofy after this bill  $$$$- Mickey now has all my money

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